#1 of the best Information on Doughboy Above Ground Pools

Description of Doughboy Above Ground Pools

Doughboy above ground pools are made with superior construction materials. These pools are made in a huge manufacturing plant in Arkansas. Doughboy pools are made with all natural products and carry a “Made In America” label with great pride. They start with raw materials which gives them the advantage of overseeing all aspects of construction.

The walls are made of high grade galvanized steel and there are multiple bracing systems. Safety is of the utmost importance with Doughboy Pools. The overlap liners come in a beautiful variety of designs and are made of the strongest vinyl available. No recycled materials are ever used and with the Therma Seal process, the seams will never split even under freezing conditions. These seams are guaranteed 100% for a lifetime.


What Makes These Pools Special

As stated earlier, the materials that these pools are made from are all natural. No clay fillers are used in the liners which makes them more durable. This makes for a uniform thickness of the vinyl which ensures a longer life for the material. Another thing that makes these liners unique is the number of patterns that they come in. Cheaper above ground pool liners are usually only available in the standard blue, but these liners add a definite touch of class which gives the pool greater beauty.

When you visit a Doughboy Pool dealer, you won’t find just pools but many superior accessories as well such as the deluxe skimmer, powerline pump and the sand filter which will keep your pump sand free which extends the life of the pump.

The wall panels also use clinch-lock technology which makes them much more sturdy and secure. All phases of manufacturing of these pools are closely monitored and regulated.  And if you decide that you want an inground pool instead of an above ground pool, that too is possible with these pools. Just add a walkway area and a little landscaping for a beautiful addition to your backyard.

For those with small children, a fence addition would be very practical as well. Having an above ground pool also increases the value of your home. If you ever decide to sell your home, this makes a wonderful selling point. A lot of people would love to have a swimming pool in their backyard but cannot afford it. Buying a home with an existing pool in the backyard would be wonderful for them.

When you have your Doughboy above ground pool all set up and ready for use, don’t forget to add chlorine to the water. There are other chemicals which need to be added but don’t add them at the same time. Wait one hour in between each addition to allow proper mixing with the water.