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Diatomaceous Earth Filters

The D.E. Filters are considered to be the high-quality filters in the swimming pool industry. The D.E. Filter systems eliminate the smallest particle size of just about all filters on the marketplace. The De Powder also provides the capability to remove color from pool water

 Skim cartridge Filters 

The Doughboy pools Skim Liner Filters are quite cost-effective because they enable the homeowner to purchase a single piece of equipment to do the job of both the skimmer and filter. The skimmer housing is increased in size permitting the use of a filter cartridge element. This element slides under the basket and is very easy to clean up and care for.

Sand Filter

The sand filters are the earliest form of filtration, dating back to the Romans. These filter systems are simple to use and effective. The minimal maintenance and easy use make the Doughboy Silica Series Family a popular choice for homeowners and dealers alike.

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