Doughboy pool pumps

A pump is vital for the smooth running of a pool. The better the pump would be, the better would be the quality of the water i.e. less dirt and germs which would make swimming a more enjoyable and healthier experience. Doughboy pool pumps are designed to allow an efficient flow of water by pumping in and out large volumes of water at low energy consumption and cost.

The Doughboy pool pumps have a state of the art impeller design which is combined with an advanced motor which makes the Doughboy pool pumps the most effective of their kind.

Types of Doughboy pool pumps

Among the Doughboy pool pumps sold, we have the Powerline pumps. These pumps come in standard packaging and are of two types i.e. with housing equipment and without it.

Powerline pumps come in various sizes including ¾’, 1’ and 1½’. The power of the pump is around 2 H.P. This type of Doughboy pool pumps has a feature called Quick snap clamp which allows the user ease of access in order to service and repair internal parts of the pump. It has an O-ring design for a better seal. The pump equipment is made of stainless steel hardware; the motor is protected from thermal issues and runs in dual speed.

When your Doughboy pool pumps need fixing, you’ll need certain equipment such as a ratchet set or drill. Among the very basic equipment, you would require a screwdriver(s), channel lock pliers and a set of normal ease to use pliers.

Since most of the pools are out in the open, it would make the job a lot easier if there was some shade and an easy chair to enable you to fix the Doughboy pool pumps with ease. Make sure you take a beverage along, you would want to keep yourself hydrated when while you work.

Fixing Doughboy pool pumps

The first thing that you should do while fixing Doughboy pool pumps is unplugged your pump and turn it to backwash. This would keep the water from rushing into the pump while disconnected. Disconnect the hose from the pump. Once you have the pump, take it to your workspace. Unscrew the pump and an electric motor would be visible.

There would be three wires of different colors connecting the motor to the cord. Keep a record of which wire goes where you’ll need it. Pull out the white and black wires and unscrew the screw holding the green wire in place. Next time while fixing the Doughboy pool pump is looking for the silver strap holding the motor to the base.

Remove the basket and the casing from the Doughboy pool pumps by unscrewing them. There would be six screws holding the Doughboy pool pumps together. Mark the positions and unscrew them to separate the two halves. Replace the round black disc. Once it is replaced, put everything back together as it was in the original Doughboy pool pumps and it is ready for use.

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