What is the Swimming Pool Liners?

Swimming pools are generally lined with a plaster to be able to water resistant the outline of the pool or simply they can be lined using plastic swimming pool liners. Typically the vinyl pool liners are actually custom made to suit right into virtually any sized swimming pool and are available in several colors, patterns, and thicknesses. These kinds of swimming pool liners also come in several styles, including beaded or overlap.

The big difference in vinyl swimming pool liners is going to be a way they affix to the swimming pool wall structure upon installation. A beaded pool liner will snap into a track at sits near the top of the swimming pool wall structure and an overlap swimming pool liners actually overlap the pool wall and are particularly kept down by coping.

These types of liners are likely to be installed over fine sand, nevertheless, swimming pool outlets do sell a pad that can replace the sand while setting up the liner. Nevertheless, these vinyl swimming pool liners really don’t last for a lifetime, therefore you will have to change it almost every ten years or so. Vinyl lined swimming pools are definitely the most common and also most inexpensive forms of swimming pools for America, but the cement pools work equally well.

Doughboy Pool Liners

Doughboy company is the sole above ground pool manufacturer that also is a principal maker of virgin vinyl liner material. Doughboy pool liners are exclusive and made to the original of the Doughboy specifications and guarantee their exceptional quality.

Doughboy pool liners types and selections

E-Z Clip Liners
The Doughboy’s E-Z Clip liners are exclusively designed with a custom liner receiver. It has beautiful bordered liner patterns to match any of your unique styles and any home decor.

All E-Z Clip Doughboy pool Liners have a 25 year 3/100 Warranty. The first 3 years of the liner warranty are covered 100% against manufacturer defects, the remainder will be pro-rated. They also have a 100% Lifetime Seam Warranty.

Doughboy’s E-Z Clip liners are available in the following styles:

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