How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost? and How you can save

What Differences Affect The Cost Of An Inground Pool


The main aspect of building an inground pool which can influence the cost is the size of the pool. The larger the pool, the more materials it will take to build it, so the cost goes up. The second aspect which influences the price is the type of pool that is purchased. What type of material that the lining is made up of can vary and the price reflects these variations.  Accessories are the third component which affects the cost of this type of pool. These include rails, diving boards, etc.

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The Actual Price Tag On An Inground Pool

There are many other variables on the cost of this kind of pool.  However, most inground pools usually come with a price of $20,000. This is especially true if the pool is properly lined.  Where you live also can influence the cost. In some places, it will cost more to build a pool than others. Oversized pools which have all the bells and whistles included can run up to $50,000. A more moderate pool, which is most popular, can run around $30,000.

There are a few shortcuts that you can take to get a cheaper built pool. As with any purchase, it is always a good idea to do some shopping around and compare construction prices. If possible, doing the actual digging yourself can knock a huge chunk of money off of the total price. Altering the size of the pool slightly can also result in huge savings.

There are four main types of inground pools: gunite, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass.  As far as structure pricing is concerned, the gunite lining is probably the cheapest choice. In fact, the gunite lined pool is usually what people think of when they mentally picture an inground pool. The best advice is to shop around and ask which lining would be the cheapest. Take notes on the prices given and find out how long actual construction will take. Sometimes the longest route can also be the cheapest.

Make sure that the company that builds your pool is a reputable company. You don’t want to have a half-built pool sitting in your backyard. Check with the Better Business Bureau before signing any contract. Prices can vary depending on what you decide to add to the pool too. For example, the vinyl lined pool does not come with steps so these have to be added which also adds to the cost.

It makes take a little more time to get a number of estimates on your inground pool costs, but in the long run, it will save you hundreds on the cost. Sometimes you can even save thousands doing this. And be sure to check their record with the Better Business Bureau.

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